Helping You Help Others

AngelClicks is a suite of software products that help you make charitable donations. Our Google Chrome web browser extension will suggest applicable charities based on the content you are viewing as you browse the internet; donations can be made right through the extension then tracked with the mobile app.


Convenient Charity Suggestions

Charity suggestions are sent in by real people just like you. Once approved by an admin, any other user who visits that same site will be notified that there is a charity that can be donated to.

If desired, you may donate to that charity in just a few clicks, or suggest a new one to be associated with that website.

Donation Tracking as a Friendly Competition

Keep track of donations made, your running total, and how you stack up against other charitable givers all via the AngelClicks iPhone and Android mobile apps.

It's a competition for good.


A crowdsourced app from


Bruno Stranges is a communications technology teacher, writer, indy filmmaker, and inventor from Niagara Falls, Canada. He had the brilliant idea of making charitable donations more relevant in the mobile age, and brought home the win with this idea (originally titled "iDonate") in the December, 2013 contest.

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