Your Guide to Great Photo Locations

"Been There, Snapped That" shows you the highest-rated Flickr photos that were taken around your current location, and gives you directions there so you can recreate that beautiful photo. You can also search for your travel destinations and plan out where you'd like to go photograph.

Find and Recreate Photos You Love

Tapping on a photo displays all applicable information that can be gathered from Flickr.

With a single tap, navigate to the exact location where that photo was taken so you can see the exact same vantage point for that beautiful scenery.


A convenient map view shows dots wherever a top-rated Flickr photo is found.

Easily drag and move to other locations near you, or search for a place that is far away, to see the top-rated photos in that new area.

A crowdsourced app from


This app is the brainchild of Kashif Izhar, which took home the win in our January, 2014 competition. Kashif is an entrepreneur, a photographer, a random thinker, and above all an "ideas guy" from Mississauga, Ontario. Not only did Kashif bring home then win with this idea (that was originally named "Photo Shoes," but he also actively participates on the site to both win further royalties in other Applits apps and to help newcomers understand the process.


Originally named "Photo Shoes," Bruno Stranges submitted the winning name suggestion of "Been There, Snapped That" during the public Refinement stage of this app's creation. Bruno is a communications technology teacher, writer, indy filmmaker, & inventor residing in Niagara Falls, Canada.


Michael Lane, from Melbourne, Australia, recognized that the name "Been There, Snapped That" was a bit ambiguous and decided to come up with a slogan that was straightforward and descriptive. And this is exactly what he was able to do, with the phrase "Your Guide to Great Photo Locations." Good work, Michael!

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