Photography Just Got Social

Best Shot brings photography to life with public, social photo albums on a topic. It's a brand new, simple, and elegant way to participate in social photography. After all, photos weren't meant to be taken just to keep to yourself!

Topic-Centered Albums for All

Have you ever wanted to see what the ocean looks like on the other side of the world? Or perhaps what coffee others are drinking this morning?

Create a photo album, name it "Your Coffee Today," and let any other Best Shot user contribute their photos to that album.

Social by Design

Like and Comment on your favorite "shots," and experience everyone's unique perspectives...all from within one app.

Convinced? Give it a download, absolutely free.

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Best Shot is the brainchild of Eric Egong, which took home the win in our January, 2013 competition. Eric is a medical student from Edinburgh, is an app enthusiast, and loves contributing his unique app ideas to Applits. He's won the Applits monthly competition twice to date, with Best Shot being his second win.

Bug Fixing

Did you find a bug? Tell us!

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What do you want to see?

Here, you can tell us what you'd like to see in future versions / updates of the app. We're always up to listening to your ideas! After logging in, click the link below.

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In this section you can earn points just by sharing the app. Applits site points add up to win percentage profits in our apps.

After logging in, just click the "Add a new thread" button below if you've posted about the app somewhere that you'd like us to check manually.

Otherwise, use the auto-share options to the right to earn points by sharing to the most common social networks.

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