BetterHalf is a time-saving tool to keep date night alive by helping couples create, coordinate, and carry out thoughtful movie and dining nights out. Access your spouse or significant other’s favorite movies and restaurants and invite them to a night on the town!

Your Key to Better Dates

Download to both your iPhones and improve the date-making process, saving your relationship from both wasted time and unnecessary stress. It’s the perfect app to assist with crafting a date night to celebrate a relationship milestone.

Easily Find Movies and Dining Near You

Finding restaurants nearby and movies playing in locations around you has never been easier.

You’ll even be able to customize your search location, so you can specify if you’re going on a date night near her work, yours, or from home.

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Keith Kaminski is a digital producer who loves time together with his wife Sandy. However, he felt that keeping the spousal romance alive while balancing career, social and creative activities can be very challenging. So, he ideated and designed this killer app idea which he hopes will help people across the globe create harmonious date night experiences.

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