Remember Your Life in a Unique Way

Draw my Life is the first app of its kind, letting you create unique animated slideshows of your own hand-drawn sketches. After assembling the slideshow, talk about each scene with our easy-to-use narration tools. What results is a unique video explaining a cherished memory, a funny situation, or anything at all. Be creative, let your artistic talents flow, and “Draw Your Life!”

It All Starts with a Sketch...

We've provided plenty of tools to allow you to sketch any scene imaginable.

From simply editing the pencil's line size and color to completely duplicating the sketch from the previous frame, we made it as easy as possible to draw digital "napkin sketches" with ease.

Narrate. Play. Share.

After adding a voiceover narration to each frame, you're left with a full-fledged movie that describes an event or situation of your life.

Easily share the video with your favorite social networks for all to see!

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Draw my Life was submitted to by Elsa Perakis, taking home the win in our June, 2013 competition. Elsa is from Heraklion, Greece, and loves designing apps and creating short films. Her other hobbies include basketball and guitar, and she is planning to study Computer Science.

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