Beers, Be Gone!

SwitchABrew allows you to replace the alcoholic beverages in any picture with your choice of hilarious item. How did the pictures from last weekend turn out? Boring? No problem... switch some brews!

Dozens of Items to Swap

First, choose an existing photo from your camera reel, or take a new one if you happen to be out on the town.

Take this picture, for example: what should we swap the beer with…A Food or Drink, Weapon, or even an Animal? It's your choice!

Be Manipulative

Once you've chosen an item, use the tools built into the app to move the object, erase bits of it to expose the hand, and adjust its brightness and contrast so it fits in better with the surrounding picture.

The end result is seen here; a hilarious photo that can easily be shared with the social network of your choice with a single tap!

A crowdsourced app from


SwitchABrew is the brainchild of Christopher Manke, a student from Syracuse University who submitted this idea into our November, 2012 competition. Christopher thought it would be hilarious to easily manipulate photos and add objects into his friends’ hands. He now enjoys humiliating his buddies and earning a percentage of all the profits the app brings in.

Bug Fixing

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What do you want to see?

Here, you can tell us what you'd like to see in future versions / updates of the app. We're always up to listening to your ideas! After logging in, click the link below.

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Share the app & earn!

In this section you can earn points just by sharing the app. Applits site points add up to win percentage profits in our apps.

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Otherwise, use the auto-share options to the right to earn points by sharing to the most common social networks.

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