The Original Word Game

Tword is a brand new title that will have you scratching your head like Scrabble, with the added excitement of power ups and bonus blocks -- brought to you by crowdsourced app creation community

Climb the Ladder

Start with a simple goal: earn 100 points in 1 minute. From here, each level gets progressively more difficult as you climb the ladder to victory.

Don't slip up more than three times, or you'll have to wait 15 minutes as you regain your lives.

A Fast-Paced Challenge

Eliminate letters on the board by spelling words. Earn additional points by including power blocks. Place on the worldwide leaderboard by earning as many points as possible. Earn coins to unlock powerups. It's simple and addicting!

A crowdsourced app from


Jose Zamudio had this brilliant idea in our October, 2013 app idea competition, with a vision of creating a Tetris-like game mixed with Scrabble. Seeking to become as involved in the process as possible, Jose also designed the app - which earned him an even greater percentage of all its future revenue. The game features all original concepts from Jose, including powerups and a unique level-up structure.

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