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Umbrella is the perfect app for the savvy social networker. Instead of using the boring old contact list built into your iPhone, streamline your networking experience by keeping in complete contact with the people you care about most.

Consolidated Updates

See your contacts’ recent updates across all social networks, all in one place. With one tap, see new updates from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Complete Connectivity

Umbrella offers the perfect way to keep all your connections' contact information in a single place and to seamlessly contact them through any digital medium.

Even more powerful yet, Umbrella allows you to mass-communicate with a group of people all at once (whether that be a Facebook message, a text, email or more).

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Bug Fixing

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Here, you can tell us what you'd like to see in future versions / updates of the app. We're always up to listening to your ideas! After logging in, click the link below.

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In this section you can earn points just by sharing the app. Applits site points add up to win percentage profits in our apps.

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Otherwise, use the auto-share options to the right to earn points by sharing to the most common social networks.

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